Sunday, June 08, 2008

Well, The Day Didn't Turn Out Quite As Planned

We went to see The Edge Of Heaven and then shopping... all I could think of was my drawing and my curtains... well, the thought percolated at the back of my mind during the picture but then kept stabbing me in the eye with great force at the shopping centre, where I DID NOT want to be.
But I have to tell you, it's a beautiful movie. Some water escaped from my eyes and because I was trying no to show my emotion, it fell down my face. The music is superb and we hope to find a soundtrack.
Thing is, sometimes I laugh, because... why would I become emotional about someone's fictitious story? But this has beauty and loss and sadness and love and it is unexpected and those things are real even if this is not. The strange Turkish flute is enough by itself to make me weep with the tenderness of it all so I'm a soft target (sometimes. This time).
Do bother to see it if you can.

And I am right now finishing the backing. Right...... now!

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