Saturday, June 28, 2008

Finished The Embroidery On Sadie's Apron

Now all I have to do is crochet around the edges. And whilst I learned to crochet at my Grandmother's knee, I haven't done much at all and it will be experimental and might let the team down. You can see that I have only pinned the pocket in place for effect. It will need to be crocheted in purple to complete the bow... I went to Lincraft today too, but forgot to take the apron!! Silly!!
Little Sadie loves to wear things. She spent the entire day with another apron draped around her and tucked up. I fell even more in love with her then... if that's possible. So girly and cute. This might stay at Grandma's house though. Otherwise it becomes just another thing at home. In fact, I may put away all of the toys here and let her play with the kitchen cupboard, which is a favourite for any toddler, eh?
This is another design from The Stitchery. I have stacks of their stuff yet to do... I've got the overalls (playsuit) embroidered and did at least remember to buy the elastic for the legs while I was at Linners.

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