Monday, March 16, 2009

Progressive Observations Of The Mouth

Can't decide whether or not to use it otherwise than as a potholder???

Now I notice mouths. How many teeth show when a person laughs. How many show when the grimace. How many teeth and how much of them. Kerri-Anne had the whole top row showing and then just a few off to one side of the lowers, not the middle but most of the side teeth. I'll have to draw it while its fresh.
More teeth than the last photo.

And No, I don't usually watch Kerri-Anne, but I have to go the accountant and do last years tax today. Why I didn't make an appointment last year and therefore have to organise myself as I have today (at the last minute), I don't know. But it's a lovely autumnal day and a pleasure to be home. I've light-boxed the recipe for MY birthday cake, the one Mum almost always made me, in her handwriting, onto the Grandma Curtains. It completes the curtains. I had to take them down because of the fire threat, one of the things to take, and so now is the acceptable time to do it. I lazily hadn't attached the lining to the top either, as in just catch it here and there down the sides so it doesn't fold out, so it's a good thing.

The light box clenched my choice of a man. His rich dowery. Worthy of a lifetime committment.

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Tangled Stitch said...

This is my first visit and these are just wonderful. Wonderful. So whimsical and detailed.