Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby Mae

Woollen Blankets etc. Cotton T-Shirting back.
1.2m square.
You know, these just don't take very long. I started it Monday (public holiday), had visitors for quite a while and for dinner etc... no bother, then finished it off at a leisurely pace after work last night in front of the tele. Easy peasy! Now I'm fired up to make everyone one. I haven't even made one for my baby yet, nor all of the kiddies.
I have a PILE of my darling Mumma's clothes here and am about to get going, incorporating them for my kiddies. This year is handmade year. I got so much pleasure giving the boxes for Christmas that I'm on a mission! Knitted facewashers are coming off the production line at an alarming rate. I've just been too slack to post everything!


Talking Horses Arts said...

wonderful do you deal with the stretch in the shirts?
Looks great!

Anonymous said...

I love the baby blanket and all the tartan you're using. I would frame one of those pot holders - so happy and funny and cool. Also, impressed by the teeth..