Saturday, March 14, 2009

She Nearly Wet Herself Laughing

This is how it'd done you see. Easy Peasy. I'll try to find my sketch... I think I gave my only drawing to Betty (my daughter Claire) and cut up the copy... I'll go have a squiz while I'm waiting for the pictures to upload...
Nah, it's gone. But you can just use this picture here if you're inclined to make one.
I embroidered the teeth this time. I like the felt teeth but it wouldn't have suited this girl. Oh, and contrary to my nature I have used FRAYSTOPPER. It's a stinky, glue-type substance that Mum had (for doll making it's very useful, on fingers) and it makes the wool behave. It's brilliant actually, and I'm not any kind of gadget lover. I used it on the edging of a jacket I made (a copy) that had raw edges. I've had the jacket for years and it doesn't fray.
So, you can see that the eyes are done in a Reverse Applique method. The extra felt gives the stitching for the nose, chin and under the eyes a quilted look. Dimension. Texture.
For the tears of laughter, I did a little outline in Stem stitch before working the Satin. It makes a lot of difference.
When I do the binding I'll post the pictures so you can see how easy it is.
Just looking at the picture of Sadie, I'll have to copy her laugh...


Talking Horses Arts said...

Just think they are so cool!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

So cool! I love your title on this blog. It is hilarious. I would love to make one of these. I have so many other projects going at one time. It is nice you are encouraging others to make them. If anyone does I would love a link to their photos as well. It would be great to see the fine differences in people's style.