Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Late, I'm Tired, The Photo Is Out Of Focus

But you get the idea. The other one is done too...

The binding is from an old pair of boy's shorty pjama's. I've used them is so many things, I though they deserved to have the tag used as a thanks, of sorts. Endeavour.

It's still wet, by the way, from washing off the pencil marks (with a soaped-up toothbrush).

Here's the otherey. I scanned it and it (the program that I never use) decided to crop it and I'm too too tired to do it again properly. Sorry folks! I'm busting to do the next one now, but, I'd better knuckle down and study for now. Cert IV in Training & Assessment. Or, How to Bore Yourself to DEATH in 12 Easy Lessons.
P.S. Same exact template for the face.


November Girl said...

They're both really wonderful, but Blue Hair Pjama Binding wants to come live with me...I can read it in his eyes! ( ;

shula said...

I ADORE that last one.

margie said...

these are just are such a tallent