Tuesday, March 31, 2009

George & Lucy, 16th January 1907, Fitzroy

My Great-grandparents. Nanna died when I was about 8 and Dah died when my Mum was 10 so way before I entered stage left. He was gorgeous, apparently. Nanna was a little bit scary. Ridiculously independent. Bossy. She lived with Grandma sometime after George died. When my brother was a baby, if Mum or Dad told him off, Nanna would pick him up and tell him it was alright, then tell Mum and Dad off. Naughtiness!
I just bought their wedding certificate. If you take the registration number, it costs $17.50 and if they have to search it's $27.50. I mistakenly put Grandma's wedding year, but the correct reg. number, and the girl had to search for maybe 3 minutes (max) to discover my mistake and charged me $27.50 because she'd done a search!! I won't make that mistake again!
He lived until he was 64 and she 86. On the certificate, you find their mothers' maiden names. I knew Nanna's, but now I know the other (Elizabeth Shields).

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Diana said...

I love these photos. Makes me wish I had a scanner! Those collars are amazing!Victorian style is my favorite.Love your blog!