Sunday, March 22, 2009

Don't Tell My Kids

These are what I do when I have nothing planned. On the train etc. Gap fillers. I'm doing the kids a few each and then us some more too. I got some cheap bamboo from Spotters. Well, then I bought some at normal price... I s'pose they cost about $2.50 or so each at normal rates. I love using them. I love using stuff I've made (Or someone else has made).

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craftytammie said...

very nice! I always knit while I ride in the car or watch telly with my littles - usually washrags! BTW - I'm here to offer some wedding cards if you'd like them! I'd love to see you make a fabulous dress with them, as we will soon celebrate our 7 year anniversary. please let me know where to send them! thanks, tammie