Saturday, July 07, 2007

I Had A Dog Called Hobie And Now Look What I've Got!

Hmmm... Went to the Boat and Fishing Thingy at Jeff's Shed last night after a long day at work and bought this!! Well, my darlinka decided, I would never presume to be so SPENDY! It's 16ft long and you peddle rather than paddle, which is suitable and neccessary because of my dodgy neck and shoulders (which I do believe is due to rampant embroidering). Good bum work too so he'll get his money's worth (back) eventually.

He's been out and about in his kayak and I greet the tales of adventure with 'Aw! It's not fair!" Because I want to go. Besides, he likes company and I like the great outdoors. Too.

So the guys at the show, who, incidentally all know Ross via the kayak fishing forum but hadn't met face to face... told me about the fishing aspect... 'You can put your rod here' and so on, and I asked them about the embroidery capacity of the rear storage cubicle. Of course they said the vessel was so stable that I could easily do my embroidery.

They thought I was joking. Ha ha ha!

This is My Nearest and Dearest's craft. I thought the red of mine would go well with his. That's important to him too. I always think it's best when we're both happy.

Wilson's Prom, where we intend to take the kayaks. But don't worry, we won't do anything drastic without being experienced and without other's with us. But, see the islands on the horizon? I've wanted to go there since I was a child.


Leigh said...

Well done mate - congrats on the new yak. My significant other is also tempted to take out the cross-stitch on her (yellow) adventure.

I'm a little worried now though.. she's taken up quilting. Could be hard to mount the sewing machine I suspect.

shula said...

You're going to kayak at the Prom?!


But what about the Undertoad?

I understand Tassie's nice this time of year....