Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rabbit Fur Bee Cushion Pattern

Here it is. I think you have to save the picture to Documents or something before you can print it? Then enlarge it. Or just draw it. 1, 2, 3 body parts, then wings...

If you click on the drawn diagram, you'll see the stich recommendations. Of course you may do as you so desire. You can stand on your head in the corner if you please and I won't stop you.
Alright... Firstly, work the legs and feeler thingy's. You don't neccessarily need to work the legs that are hidden by the wings. I do but that doesn't mean you have to. Do your Knots. Leave a space for the eyes. I do them in Satin Stitch but firstly work a row around the eye in Chain, then Satin one way, covering the Chain, then Satin over the top of it all. Get it?
The feet are Fly Stitches.
Couch some thickish cord or something, following whatever design you choose. Make the outside line (edge of either wing) thicker than the internal (swirly) lines.
Using filaments or fine metallic thread, do Herringbone Stitch to fill the in-betweens. I've blended different colours by stopping half-way... then coming in with a different colour. I also added single stitches here and there to add a spark or add some deeper colour in a corner.
Or, if you're doing something like the Orange Velvet Fabric Bee, couch the whole of the wings. That piece isn't finished, obviously, but it's still got a second set of wings to go on yet.
The Silver Rabbit Fur Cushion Bee has fine rayon stitching below the wings too. I put them there to make the embroidery stand out against the fabric better.
The rest of the photo's of the finished Rabbit Fur Bee Cushion are here.
Please email me if I've missed something or it's not clear...

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thank you for your comment on my blog and i am glad to find your wonderful stitching....