Friday, July 27, 2007

I Think I Wet My Pants Laughing At Baby

... And before you warn me, I know they're dangerous things when baby gets a bit bigger but we are right there and she's strapped in very well and she's light and little. Absolutely mental! Completely hilarious the way she gets really fast, her little knees pulled up as she goes fast and faster. Ross and I could hardly breathe with laughing. Tears of funniness and big-in-lovedness fell out of my eyes. She's stopped here to see what we were laughing at.
P.S. The yellow knitted dress is one my kids wore, yes, even my son. Seems like a life-time ago, or five minutes.


shula said...

Yes, yes, very dangerous, but my baby loved it, too. And let's face it, it's as funny as hell to sit and watch.

The other thing she loved was that equally treacerous gadget on wheels with the tray surround, the one babies kept driving themselves down stairs and killing themselves in.

It would keep her (and me) amused for hours, she was such a hoon in it. It was her favourite toy until she could walk.

Anonymous said...

if you keep something long enough around it comes again.. such a sweet little dress on a dear little girl.. they are great time wasters but they grow up so fast that you have to take a long look as they are all grown up before you know it... or teen agers..uh.. happy week love your blog margie

Victoria said...

Gorgeous photo and the stuff in the background looks intriguing too. Bouncers are the best.