Saturday, July 28, 2007

I Started This Years Ago In 1997

Top: Front as it is now (what will I do with it?)
Middle: Photo of part-done piece.
Bottom: Back... always nice.
It was a stage I was going through, this pensive looking out. Tentative. Pleased. My hair looked like this, only dark. Long.
Looks more like a mix (of Me) with my friend Suzanne and someone's luscious lips... come to think of it Suzie has those. She's one of those friends who tells you why you did right/acted understandably/are terrific... even if you've been appalling. Great pre/post seperation friend. It's not a picture of me and it is.
I'd had a dream with the kaleidoscopic squares as depicted at the top the night before a clever show on tele which informed us that we don't dream in colour. I can still see the vision in my mind. So there, stick that up your jumper.
I like this and I don't like it, but is that because my nearest and (usually, mostly, generally) dearest doesn't like it?
I can't stand it really, but it's part of my history.
There's something to be said for painting part of the canvas and leaving it unstitched, but it's too late for that so I had to attack. I wonder if it might look ok with heavy fabric manipulation around it, or closely rendered Bobbles? Will you help me?? Please????????? I need ideas. Desperately. Op Shop it?
P.S. Tomorrow I'll do a close-up of the eyes, which are multi-coloured and look alright.

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shula said...

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that, no matter what you do with it, it will look INSANELY good.

Damn it, you do it to me EVERY TIME.