Sunday, July 08, 2007

This is old, but I thought you might maybe perhaps would like the pattern. I'm not going to teach it again I don't think. The fabric of the ladybird has obviously run, but what the heck, just makes it look loved and well-used. Which it is. I've made and sold a pair like this, as in same fabric, one bee and one ladybird.
The bee is the same as on the Cowboy Cushion.
To do the body of the bee, I sew strips of fabric together before I cut the shape, otherwise it's too fiddly. What else??? The legs are done in Double Herringbone stitch. This instruction isn't really how I do it... um... try Closed Herringbone... All you do is make the points meet, rather than have a gap between. But, either way it'll be fine.
Do the applique and embroidery before putting the fringe on. I cut the fabric a bit too big if I have enough, then, with some difficulty, push the fringes out of the way to sew the back on.
Probably a better way to do it but there you go.
Please feel free to ask if you want to know anything else. Please! I'm bored!
P.S. Enlarge the pattern until it is 26-7 cm wide.
42 cm finished width of cushion (that is, the design/pattern sits in a bit from the edge).
P.P.S. You might have to save the pattern to your pictures before printing. It doesn't seem to let you otherwise, although my blogger page is playing up...

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sukigirl said...

Okay...I had a hard time picking a favourite cushion of yours but this is it.
My lord you are one talented lady and so sweet to share the how-to!
I've saved your instructions in case I ever learn the fine art of embroidery.
Wonderful blog!