Friday, June 13, 2008

The Wife Swapper

I had only these colours at work yesterday so he ended up being a red-head. He reminds me of Ricky-Bobby's (shake and bake!) mate out of Telladega Nights... the Will Ferell movie (excuse all spelling mistakes). It's not my favourite and is getting away from the mood I'm looking for and may end up as a Chrissy present for the kids??
I've cut out the elaphant and am liking it a lot right now, all tartans and all wool, as opposed to felt. Yummy!
But, such as it is... here is a new pattern. It'll look different when the binding is on too... and the lips etc., which you sew through a couple of layers to get a quilted, moulded look.
Got the day off today, Whoo Hoo!
P.S. It'll be 17cm wide.

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shula said...

Or Magic Man.

Now you see him, now you don't.