Saturday, June 23, 2007

All Right, I Confess!

There's more. OK, the trunks in the bottom picture... one's stuffed full of fake fur and the other (and the red case) are filled with discarded fur (long story) and a light box on top, which is why I married the one true. Top pic, hidden behind the easel and canvas and looking deceptively small are the six plastic boxes full of Wagga stuff. FULL. Pink and orange milk crate boxes... interfacing, machine thread, Chrissy deco's. The two wire drawer sets are art supplies (not including Ross's) and kit stuff. Plan press is full of paper and drawings and this is Ross's mostly. Under the plan press you can just see my two very special, VERY SPECIAL current work boxes.
Saddest, awfullest thing is that I havn't sorted my tax/important papers yet and in the deepest recesses of my inner spirit I know I won't either.
You can see that Steven Cox's painting has been banished to the back room too.


Sonya said...

Oh, I don't think fur and fake fur should count. Amnesty granted.

shula said...

Did someone say,