Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Curtain Down At The Van

If only... if only... if only we owned our own home, it would be as beautiful as The Van.
These curtains took ages! My former house had come with 100+ year old heavy Italian Sateen curtains that my landlord had put in. He was a decorator for Georges and had taken them out of an old homestead. I cut them up and dyed them in tea...

I did one lot in strong tea, then added more boiling water to do the next lot, etc. So the pieces grew lighter and lighter. Mixed with the original off-white it looks quite nice I do believe. Ross humbly and sweetly says it's the nicest thing at the van, but you havn't seen his woodwork and design. I'll show you... I took some pics today. Luvverly!

With the light behind them, it's a warm, glowing stained-glass that makes us happy and warm and glowing inside.

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