Monday, June 11, 2007

Sewing Store Room 'Before'. Hopefully 'After' Will Be Later Today

When I'm busy doing, things can get a little out of control. It shows you how precious I'm not or I wouldn't show you. Mind you, if you were here there's no way I'd let you see. I'm trying to embarrass myself into action.
Trouble is I just have too much stuff. But it's a dilemma, as you will all appreciate, because I may need it. I have a suitcase full of trim that my Grandma gave me. I've used it a lot. It's so luscious. I want to decorate the house as I have done the caravan... Once I get this exhibition out the way I'll hopefully have some brain-space for other non-rabbity things.
I have a heap of old blankets and woollen fabric for the Wagga's, which I want to make for myself and all of the children and for the show. I promised Leah last night that when she gets back from Europe in four months, her Wagga will be on her bed. Even though her birthday was last December and that's when I started it for.
I have so much Japanese fabric and fur fabric and fur and thread and books and exotic brocade's and so on, and paints and inks and paper and doll's spare parts and boxes of cards that I should try harder to sell.... you know how it is.

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shula said...

I most certainly do.