Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Dyed These Today For Baby La!

P.S. The colours are deeper and stronger and lovlier than the photo. It's late and I had to at least show you. If I think of it I'll replace it with a daytime, non-flash pic. And the green on top is a soft minty colour that I had but looks nice.
And when did Dylon dye decide to be $7.50 each??!! Crikey! But it's for baby. Giggling, laughing, mental-case Mercedes. My kids are all red-heads and so the residual fabrics I have from 10 minutes ago when they were small are orange and peach and watermelon, not pink and purple. Sadie looks gorgeous in purple and rosy pink so it's a first for me...
Darling poppet, Shula, gave me a delightful pattern for baby shoes and so I boiled bits of an old cream blanket in the dye, then dried it in the dryer to shrink it. AND today I found an old chenille bedspread at the op-shop! AND I have a doctor's certificate so it's all good! Routine, non-sick-type doctor's appointment so nothing to slow me down. Happy la!


shula said...

Girl's on a Good Rort.

Looking forward to seeing those slippers.

Sonya said...

I need to find myself some wool blankets to dye and play with. Can't wait to see what you create. And Shula is a darling!