Sunday, June 17, 2007


This is a stitched adaptation of an etching, which I would show you if I could be bothered looking for it... The one below is a cameo. The picture is odd because it's shiny, metallic fabric over the silk.
Favourite skirt circa 1997-2002:

I found all of these while I was cleaning the back room and it seemed important to stop immediately and share. This skirt has been a little bit too small for a couple of years now, but you never know! The design isn't terribly well balanced but it didn't seem to matter, no-one looked at it anyway because my legs were long and exposed and seemed to get the attention. No-one looked too hard at the skirt without blushing. Then. Once upon a time. I had Uber-Frau legs that Robert Crumb would have loved. I was strong and fit and slim.

If I did this skirt again, or, you know, did another, I'd embroider a design as a panel, rather than have it at varying heights. I always thought it would look lovely on a wedding dress... I don't think I'll have the opportunity for myself. My one true love sees us as committed, forever-types without the public declaration. He doesn't get the all important frock angle. Never mind... I'll make a regular skirt or something...

PS Feel free to pillage...


Tiffany said...

Fabulous design! And your embroidery from your early May posts...OH MY GOD...You totally rock! I want to learn to embroider like that. WOW!


shula said...

I just LOVE IT.

Looks like a 10.