Monday, June 11, 2007

The Nice Girls Are Getting There

I've drawn up the next design since this is nearly finished. The ears looked stupid so I'm bringing the hat out to cover them and making the halo come in as well. The hair that's sketched in isn't how I'm doing it after all... should have sketched on paper and not on the piece, but I always use a 4-8B pencil which washes off easily. Their shirt is all silk on silk fabric and is so nice to work. I love sewing with silk. I altered their noses too.
TIP: Use an old toothbrush, loaded up with pure soap, to gently was off lines and stubborn marks.
There's been a woman recently justly accused and found guilty of murder and she had an Indian skirt that shed little brass sequins, which I collected and sewed into the halo's. Ha ha ha!! My Mum didn't like the idea but I said to her, nobody's perfect.

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Sonya said...

The brass sequins - very nice touch. I love seeing this piece unfold.