Friday, June 22, 2007

Ok, So I've Got A Lot Of Fabric

And you can't even see the rest of it. For @#!!s sake! It's ridiculous. In a happy kind of luscious exquisite, shiny way.
I make a solemn vow to not buy a single textiley-type thing for at least six months and that includes beads and embroidery thread and interfacing and oil paint and paper and canvas and patterns and wool and anything. Only exception is zips and that kind of thing. Promise.
That cabinet is 2.4m square. I pulled all of my vintage fabric out of the boxes and bags so it's on display and at hand. I feel like giving you a tour, pidgeon hole by pidgeon hole but I don't want to bore you.
The thing is, now I've handled and lovingly folded every single piece of fabric that I own, so I feel terribly, sleeplessly inspired and I have a clean room to plan and plot and lay things out.

And those green shopping bags are full of books which will go in the new extented bookshelf in the other rooms. I hate my books being stuck in the back room. Just thought you should know. Maybe some of them will bite the dust?


Sonya said...

Such a shiny way. I love your wall of fabric. It is a beautiful thing!

shula said...

Holy jumping Jehovah Batman!

That's Some Stash.

Suddenly, I'm feeling less embarrassed by own.

And a guided tour would be a long way from boring.

Bobby La, I do believe you're Good for Me.

Kathy Morrow said...

OMG, have you got a stash! Makes me want to go shopping, except that I have no more room!! : )