Sunday, June 24, 2007

No Sewing This Weekend


Need I say more? Night feeds... hmm, I'd say I'd forgotten about them but she's stayed a few times now. Just now little Petal was crying weakly so I (not hastily) pick her up and she falls asleep instantly... so... I put her down in bed... Whaa! Whaa! ...I go pick her up again... instantly sleep. Try again, same ending. So I jiggle her about for a bit, then throw her around in my arms while wrapping her more securely and she flops around like a rag doll, properly asleep. So cute! 5 months. We call her the mental case because she laughs and smiles all of the time, except when I point a camera (you can see we persisted). Mercedes Mental Case. You can just see Pink Doll next to her. I let them play sometimes.

1 comment:

shula said...

I had one of these.

Only slept while moving around in your arms, or travelling in the car. I used to drive for miles.

Sometimes, I'd catch some sleep with her lying on my chest.

But never, ever, in a bed by herself.

Not for 11 years, anyway.