Monday, June 11, 2007

It Was My Fourty Ninth Birthday Yesterday

And I let myself buy all of these beauties and pretend it was from Ross. And it was because he likes it like that. I've been putting the dolls on the New Junk & Blather site as they arrive from around the world, but have left them packaged until now. They are my very own, very happy, friendly, Texas Rangers.

Ruby (my youngest daughter) and Anth and Jadey and Mercedes gave me the Wilfred DVD. Laff and laff and laff!!!! So funny!

Little Sadie is 4 =1/2 months and so funny and gorgeous. Jaden just has to jump up and pull a face and she cracks up like a mini mad person. So he jumps and jumps until it's not funny any more but he keeps going and somewhere along the way it gets funny again. The baby is desperate to laugh, just waiting for a reason to smile. Her little arms and legs go at once with excitement.

And Mum gave me her old pearls. We had a good day. My oldest friend, since we were 14, came over and that was good too. We did the hitch-hike up the coast thing a few times when we were 17 and shared houses until we both got hitched.


Sonya said...

Happy bleated Birthday greeting and what lovely doll gifties - I love the pistachio green one!

shula said...



Happy birthday.

Bobby La said...

If I died and you didn't, how long would it take for you to reach my elderly status?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Bobby.
Can I play with your dolls? I love them.
You blog is bubbling with energy and fun. I'll be coming back again soon.
I'm 49 too.